GUEST SPEAKER: Aneta Thinkofall

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On Monday, March 18, 2019 at 9:00 a.m., guest speaker Aneta Thinkofall will join us for a special presentation titled Attracting Your Next EnJOYable JOB…from a Bird’s Eye and Bug’s Eye View.

SBPA meetings are free and open to the public. Seating is limited to the first 45 people, so arrive early to secure your spot.

About Aneta Thinkofall

With a foundation of a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, my career spans over 25 years in the corporate world where I worked, primarily, in the telecom industry (at AT&T and Sprint) as a seasoned trainer, facilitator, analyst, and quality assurance manager. I also worked at some other Fortune 500 companies in information technology, financial services, and biotech as a consultant.

After an abusive experience happened in my life around the time the big 9/11 happened in New York City, I developed 1) a heightened awareness of the impact our internal, invisible, but all-important choices have on others and 2) empathy for others suffering emotionally after being hurt by a criminal’s selfish choice…whether it is a simple one-on-one incident or a large-scale tragedy affecting many people like terrorists’ attacks in which no one else feels their pain as much as themselves.

I call those internally painful incidents like my abusive experience *Private 9/11s*. Because of my own ‘private 9/11’ in my personal life plus one in my professional life that is similar to what happened to the Silence Breakers and #MeToo women, I now focus – primarily – on promoting respectfulness vs having to tolerate disrespectfulness.

As a part of my massive research to better understand the underlying reasons why people make selfish, harmful choices, I studied hundreds of resources about ethics, choices, and decision-making…enough to be worthy of an informal PhD This led me to the work of Nobel laureate, Dr. Herbert Simon, whose studies revealed that the underlying way people make their choices and decisions is based on self-interest…whether it’s good or bad.

While billions of good people make choices that are considerate of others, unfortunately, there are some [criminals] who make selfish choices that hurt 1000s of innocent victims. My work is to promote a process by which all can ‘think of self’ first, but not only when making any choice. Instead, by ‘thinking of self plus others affected by one’s choice, each of us is making a conscious choice to *create* an external good result vs a selfish choice that may harm others.

Because of the wide variety of people in our world e.g. different cultures, generations, lifestyles, religions, political affiliations, unfounded judgments, etc., my research highlighted the need to have an easy way that everyone can use to think of both self and others when making a choice.

After studying hundreds of resources on decision-making techniques, I used my ‘business process improvement’ skills a.k.a. BPI skills acquired throughout my 25-year career to develop a simple process that everyone can use to make respectful choices and decisions. Now, my work is to promote this easy-to-use process that doubles as a standard that everyone can use because I believe Public Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility.

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