Member Spotlight: Rodney Gordy

This month our Member Spotlight shines on SBPA Head Writer Rodney Gordy!

Rodney is the Director of Licensing at PrimalHouse Music, a production music library that provides non-commercial music for placement in content creations including films, TV shows and commercials across a variety of platforms. Rodney has been in the production music industry for over 20 years. Rodney uses his acquired musical knowledge and listening skills to help his clients find the right music for their needs.

Born in Detroit, MI, Rodney graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Soon after graduating, Rodney drove cross-country to Los Angeles to begin his career working in the music publishing industry. He went to work for Motown Records, the ground-breaking record company founded by his uncle, Berry Gordy Jr. Over the years, Rodney has held a number of positions at various entertainment companies including Sony and Viacom. Rodney likes the freedom and flexibility afforded by working in a creative environment. He is energized by seeing the results of his efforts on screens, big and small.

Laughter is Rodney’s favorite thing. His all-time favorite show is I Love Lucy and he is currently enjoying Ted Lasso. Rodney has a passion for working out and indulges it by riding his bike to the Hawthorne community pool for a swim with his wife regularly.

Rodney was referred to the SBPA when he was considering a career change. He appreciates the camaraderie and support he’s found at the SBPA. He’s shared his concerns and experiences with the SBPA membership and has received useful feedback and advice. Rodney uses the opportunity to develop his creative writing skills by contributing to the membership as Head Writer of the SBPA Member Spotlight profiles. He is currently a Hawthorne homeowner.


Member Spotlight: Murphy Witherspoon

This month our Member Spotlight shines on SBPA President Murphy Witherspoon!

–Murphy is a Master-level Process Improvements trainer in Lean Six Sigma, which is a team-focused managerial approach designed to eliminate problems, remove waste and inefficiency, and improve working conditions to provide a better response to customers’ needs. Murphy believes that people, particularly team members and customers, deserve to be cherished — in other words, protected and cared for. Murphy builds teams based on honesty and integrity. 

–A native Angeleno born near Watts and currently living in Carson, He is a product of the local educational systems: Murphy attended Fremont High School in San Pedro and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management/ Manufacturing from California State University, Long Beach. Early in his career, Murphy’s aptitude for leadership was identified and encouraged. Murphy polished this skill while working at Pacific Scientific (PacSci).

–While investigating new job opportunities, Murphy was introduced to Toastmasters International, where members learn valuable oral presentation and speaking skills. This led him to the SBPA. Murphy soon rose to become President of the SBPA, with the goal of helping others learn the leadership process. 

–Murphy has been an avid competitive cyclist. He enjoys the commitment and consistency needed to succeed in cycling. These days, Murphy enjoys watching movies (his favorites are The Matrix, The Patriot and King Kong, the Jack Black version) and attending live music events with his wife and daughter.  Murphy’s passion for mentorship was inspired by his own mentors, Norm Lieberman and Joe Love. Murphy understands that, with empathy and self-improvement, people can be motivated to reach higher. Through assistance with resume writing, mock interviews and networking, Murphy and the SBPA support new members in securing employment and/or new opportunities.