A list of current members, their career interest(s), and links to their LinkedIn profiles.


First Name Last Name Position Career Interest LinkedIn
Murphy Witherspoon President LEAN Manufacturing
Christopher Tritschler Vice President Facilities Management; Project, Production, or Inventory Management
Kathryn Virzi Secretary Higher Education
Claire Anderson Treasurer Teacher

Committee Heads

First Name Last Name Committee Career Interest LinkedIn
Monica Lozano Training Management, Diversity and Inclusion
Christopher Tritschler Administration Facilities Management; Project, Production, or Inventory Management
Wayne Hastings Marketing Graphic Designer


First Name Last Name Career Interest LinkedIn
Anne Goedjen Technology Sales, Research

Araceli “Ara” Gougher HR, Program Analyst

Bridger Jimenez, Sr. Data Analyst

Christopher Tritschler Facilities Management; Project, Production, or Inventory Management

Christopher Barton Animation

Claire Anderson Teacher

Connie Salas Paralegal, Legal Assistant, Contract Admin

David Uyematsu Veterans Services, Management

Diane Kacer-McCaslin Inventory Management

Eva Gutierrez Insurance Broker

Florence Nakao Accounting

Helen Itabashi Paralegal

Jason Rothluebbers Sales, Management

Jean Pumilia Senior Sales Administrator

Jim Maurer Operations, Management  
Kathryn Virzi Higher Education

Monica Lozano Management, Diversity and Inclusion

Murphy Witherspoon LEAN Manufacturing, Project Manager

Najla Ayubi Legal, Non-Profits

Nilton Fonseca Construction Management

Wayne Hastings Graphic Designer

Winton Pelizzoni Software Engineering and Project Management

Member’s list updated August 6, 2019.