Our alumni share their experience in SBPA.

“I would highly encourage all job seekers to join the group … be involved as much as possible because it’s through contribution and being a true active member that one can grow professionally and continue learning which puts one a step closer to seizing the right opportunity.”

— Tiffany V., Member 2018-2019

“SBPA assisted me so much! … I learned about the entire resume process and the reasoning behind the way resumes are developed. Most of all, I learned from my peers and their experiences and valuable advice they gave me.”

— Susan K., Student Assistant, Member 2018-2019

“SBPA is a great tool and support system in your job search experience. Make sure to take advantage of all the resources and the network you create.”

—Sal R., Brand & Marketing Manager, Member 2022

“Networking is an important part of job search. It is important to be encouraged and focused when seeking employment and SPBA fills that role.”

—Peggy K., Administrative Aide, Member 2017

“Resume critique was key during my time [in SBPA]…Networking keeps you current.”

—Paul M., Financial Consultant, Member 2015

“[SBPA helped me with] updating my resume and professional development through networking.”

— Raúl L., Community Engagement Coordinator, Member 2014

“Most jobs are found through networking. Keep in touch with your network. That’s how I found my next job.”

— Mary Y., Member 2016